When we started the blog in 2013, the intention was for my sister and I to conduct online conversations about books in pretty much a similar way to how we did it at the dinner table back home. Sometime between it being about reviews, we got the idea to do interviews too. My elder sister read and reviewed, I interviewed authors and posted process conversations as well.

Time passed. My sister got a fulltime job which meant less time to read and write and hardly any time to keep up with correspondence. While I miss her presence in my inbox and on the blog, I also realize that we each have our lives to live. Books however, have always been a passion for me. I read books as escape, as a means to visit places I might never get to visit, and I read books to broaden my mind. I love the surprise of books and I love learning more about the people behind them.

I’d like to continue this blog and am asking friends if they’d like to join hands with me in boosting voices we love and bringing them into the spotlight. This is why I’ve opted to change the blog name as well as it’s focus.

This blog will still feature authors and their works, process conversations and the hopefully more regular signal-boosts of books and authors. There may be an occasional aritcle.

What’s important to me though is to use this blog as a platform to focus on the written word and those who write.

A book blog must have at least one picture of books.

A book blog must have at least one picture of books.