Starting a new habit of reading stories and blogging quick thoughts on the stuff I’ve read.

I went and reread Karin Tidbeck’s A Fine Show on the Abyssal Plain–taking the time to carefully consider it as the first time I read it, I didn’t really have much time to relish Karin’s prose. I remember reading Jagganath the first time and being utterly captivated by how this writer managed to write something that was at once serious and playful at the same time. Karin Tidbeck doesn’t rely on crutches to tell her story. Her prose is clean and crisp and her stories are intelligent stories. Weird, strange, but also very human. Do check her out. Her website is here.

Fellow Butler scholar, Kai Ashante Wilson has got a new novelette up at tor.com. According to the intro, The Devil in America is based on true events. There are writers and there are writers and Kai is one of those whose work just grabs you by the collar and makes you pay attention. If you have time, do drop by and read.

I don’t have much time to sit down and read, but I’m glad I got to read Gareth L. Powell’s This is How You Die in the new Interzone issue. I’ve read quite a bit of Gareth’s work and I think This is How You Die is one of the best things I’ve read from this writer.

The only other story I got to read from Interzone 251 was Tracie Welser’s A Doll is Not a Dumpling in which a pair of AI try to convert a robot (I’m bad at summaries and I don’t have the issue in front of me). The characters are likeable and Welser is good at evoking atmosphere. I did wish for a different end, but that’s me. I do like Interzone a lot. It’s the one print mag that I subscribe to.

When I have more time, I’ll sit down and read through the new issue of Clarkesworld. There’s a new Sriduangkaew story in it and the cover looks amazing.